Research outputs


Advanced Metal, Ceramic and MMC Composite Materials and Technologies is the research centre (C08) which conducts research activities necessary for the synthesis, characterization, certification and promotion of advanced ceramic and composite materials, both on a macro scale and on a micro or nano scale. The achievement of the centre’s objectives is supported by our important assets: human resources and infrastructure. Some of the centre's activities are:

  • development of materials with mechanical and technological properties that meet the requirements of the beneficiaries;
  • research and services related to the synthesis of advanced metallic, ceramic and composite materials;
  • research and services for the characterization and testing of materials;
  • 3D printing services;
  • surface engineering;
  • computer-aided modelling and simulation services on material synthesis processes.

The main field of activity of the Research Centre for Advanced Welding Eco-technologies (C12) is the research and development of innovative products and technologies in welding engineering. The welding, cutting and reconditioning processes developed within the centre aim at energy and economic efficiency through the implementation of modern and ecological processing technologies. Following the global trend of recycling and saving raw materials, the research centre also develops environmentally friendly technologies for the recovery of secondary raw materials from polymer waste. Complementarily, the centre obtains and characterizes polymetric organic materials, composites as well as nanomaterials. The area of competence of the research centre also includes the field of safety engineering in industry, which ensures the development of manufacturing processes or work equipment with the lowest possible risk of injury for the staff involved.